Toronto Recording Studio -  Welcome to Oak Recording Studio!

Located just minutes east of downtown at 528 Queen Street East in Toronto Canada - OAK is a one stop recording facility for all things audio. In addition to engineering and music production for musicians, we also provide mixing and mastering services, voice recording, audio post for TV and film, and sound for video games.

How Are We Different?

  1. 1.Oak is a ‘Producer’s Studio’ meaning every engineer we have is also a seasoned Record Producer who will help you make your project the best it can be.

  1. 2.Studio musicians are included in our rates at no extra cost. Need some lead guitar on your track? Some keys, even real drums? No problem. Just ask when scheduling your session.

  1. 3.They have plugins, we have the real thing. Every piece of gear in our gear list is a real piece of outboard gear, not a digital emulation. And every piece is at your disposal when you book your session, no extra fees for using the good stuff.

  1. 4.A stunning instrument collection at your finger tips. From our vintage guitar collection of Gibsons & Fenders to our in-house Gretsch drum kit, you have access to all of it for no extra cost.

  1. 5.Real credit & no ego about it. Our producers may have worked with people you’ve heard of but we never let it go to our heads. From the minimum 2 hour session to the fully produced full length record we are here to make sure every musician has a great experience at Oak Recording Studio. If you want to know something about the recording process, just ask. The session always goes better if everyone is on the same page.



Toronto Recording Studio